Life on the road has been good. We spent last week in South Dakota. Took the kids to a fair and a rodeo and saw some pretty amazing sights. The two biggies were the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. It’s been hotter than hell here. Never thought South Dakota got so hot but has been between 95-100 degrees. Took a swim in the Missouri River and that felt amazingly fresh and cool. And then we saw a herd of cows doing the same thing about half a mile away :/

We FINALLY saw a Target and Bobby let me (just me, no kids) run in for a few things. Of course, I took my time and picked up way more stuff than we needed. Walked by the Girls clothing department and boom- heart in stomach. Tried holding it together until I was at least done checking out. I just had to focus on the whole- one foot in front of the other thing. Just get through checking out and then you can bawl all you want. I actually surprised myself and the moment ended up passing without a single tear. And that’s how the last three weeks has been going. Except sometimes (well, most of the time) I cave and let the tears flow. And it feels good.

We’re going to start forming our non-profit (well as much as we can from 2,000 miles from home) in memory of our sweet girl and in honor of all the kids still fighting. We’ll be having different fundraisers periodically and will also include a ‘donate’ link on this site, where all funds raised will go to childhood cancer research. Oh! And we’ll also have a link to buy Tessa’s acts of kindness cards! So, continue to spread the love of our sweet girl! I feel that this is what we’re supposed to be doing now. We always knew we’d be giving back once we were able to and now is the time.  You can help by spreading the word and raising awareness of childhood cancer and donating once we have the link totally set up!

We’re now heading to Montana and Yellowstone National Park. We’re pretty excited for this part of our trip! And being excited about something-anything- is what we need right now.