As most of you already know, we recently lost our amazingly strong daughter, Tessa, to a very aggressive type of childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. Our lives have been turned upside down and our souls have been shaken to the core. Tessa was a gracious fighter and has made an impact on people like I’ve never seen before. She had a knack for bringing out the best in people and we never want to see that spirit die.

We’ve decide to pack up the rest of the family and head out on the road. We’re regrouping as a family of four and letting our broken hearts start to heal. We’ll be brainstorming along the way on ways we can keep Tessa’s legacy alive and how we can give back to the childhood cancer world. And thats what this blog will be about. Our journey through grieving, parenting, planning, living, paying it forward and giving back.

So, I’ll be posting pics and blurbs about our trip along the way. Well, the best I can with minimal signal in some areas. Our first stop was at our buddy’s farm in Viola, Wisconsin. Beautiful country with lush, green rolling hills and valleys. We left this morning and we are now heading to a friends house in Minnesota. Good friends of ours that lost their daughter to Neuroblastoma as well. We met them in New York City when we first went there for Tessa’s tumor resection surgery. Tessa and Emma hit it off and were great buddies. I’m sure they’re both up there running around together with no cares in the world.