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Here at Love, Team Tessa we are aiming to support the families of children fighting in any way we can. One direct impact we can have on your family is through our Tessa’s Trooper program.  Our board chooses one deserving family each month to be our Trooper of the Month. This includes gifts for the entire family- not just your child fighting but ALL siblings as well! We will gather personalized gifts for each child along with gift cards and a monetary donation for the parents.

We will share your child’s story with our followers and any include any donation platforms you have.

Please fill out the following application along with a doctor or social workers note verifying your child’s diagnosis.

Qualifications – ages 0 to 18, Southeast Michigan residents only, currently in active treatment, and doctor note of verified diagnosis.

 “Some examples of gifts we’ve granted in the past have included new gaming systems, puppies with vet packages, handfuls of smaller gifts or shopping sprees. If you don’t have a specific item in mind we would love to just spoil the kids with handpicked gifts from yours truly!